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Meet a Basilian

These profiles offer a glimpse into the formation journey and day-to-day lives of some of our priests. While their stories of how they came to know and become a Basilian vary, the joy they experience in their ministry and community life is common among our confrères. We hope through these profiles, you will find inspiration to discern your own vocation and see if the Basilian Way of Life is for you.

Portrait of Father Robert Barringer

Meet Father Robert Barringer, CSB

Basilians have a talent for recognizing people’s gifts and encouraging others to come forward.

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Meet Father Norman Tanck, CSB

The Basilians have been part of my life since ninth grade. It has been a blessing to live the Basilian Way of Life in community with them.

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Portrait of Father Ted Baenziger

Meet Father Ted Baenziger, CSB

Everyone in the Basilian, college and parish communities have been so generous with me. I can’t remember a time they’ve said, ‘no you can’t do that’. Perhaps they’ve said maybe not right now.

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Father Paul English Headshot

Meet Father Paul English, CSB

I’m so honoured to be associated with this group of men. Knowing them personally, their achievements, and common history make me feel both proud and humbled to be a Basilian.

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Father Maurice Restivo Headshot

Meet Father Maurice Restivo, CSB

I made the decision that I would never say no to an appointment. I take it seriously that it is God’s will.

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Meet Father David Katulski

I’m part of a great history and I have the privilege of doing what I love and inspires me.

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Father Patrick Fulton Headshot

Meet Father Patrick Fulton, CSB

By teaching theology, I feel I am educating my students in the most important subject, their eternal salvation. Students let you into their lives and that's an honour and privilege.

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Father Dennis Noelke Headshhot

Meet Father Dennis Noelke, CSB

I’ve had to grow into particular roles. No amount of schooling can prepare you for hearing confessions for the first time or how to lead a school during a crisis. Along the way, I’ve always had Basilians give advice and share their experiences.

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Father Andrew Leung Headshot

Meet Father Andrew Leung, CSB

As a Basilian, there are many opportunities to pursue studies and work in a variety of roles within the parishes and schools and I am always a part of the community.

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Father Kevin Storey Headshot

Meet Father Kevin Storey, CSB

Basilian priests always made the Gospel accessible when I was a student and now we as a Congregation have to imagine how to best preach about Jesus in today’s world.

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Father Morgan Rice Headshot

Meet Father Morgan Rice, CSB

I have learned to see each appointment as a blessing and graciously do what's asked.

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Meet Father Paul Walsh, CSB

As a Basilian, I've had an enormous amount of freedom and resources to grow in my faith and professionally.

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Meet Father David Zapalac Headshot

Meet Father David Zapalac, CSB

When you are ready for final vows and ordination you have already been living in community and under vows for years.

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Father John Huber Headshot

Meet Father John Huber, CSB

I'm able to keep in touch with graduates as they establish their families; its great to look back and see how happy and successful they are, and we Basilians have played a role in them becoming these people.

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Father Glenn McDonald Headshot

Meet Father Glenn McDonald, CSB

I'm a Basilian simply because the Holy Spirit drew me there.

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Father Jefferson Thompson Headshot

Meet Father Jefferson Thompson, CSB

There aren't enough of us [Basilians] to do all the work that God wants us to do.

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Father Owen Lee Headshot

Meet Father Owen Lee, CSB

The Basilians' special virtue is their versatility.

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