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“We have to burst bubbles” – Sr. Norma Pimentel, M.J. on interculturality and advocacy for migrants

November 13, 2023

It was an immense pleasure to spending an evening with Sr. Norma Pimentel, M.J.. Sister Norma’s insights into the current state of her work at the US – Mexican Border got the to the heart of compassion and advocacy for those who flee their countries to seek a better life, and all of the challenges they face along the way.

Throughout our evening together, it was impossible not to be moved by her unwavering dedication to creating a world where compassion knows no borders. Sr. Norma’s presence is a testament to the transformative power of one individual’s commitment to humanity, and an inspiring reminder of the positive change that each of us can contribute to the world.

In her impassioned speeches and interviews, Sister Norma addresses the harsh realities faced by those seeking refuge and a better life. She challenges the prevailing misconceptions and calls attention to the human suffering that often goes unnoticed or ignored. One of the ways she describes her advocacy is by metaphorically “bursting the bubbles that people create around themselves – bubbles of comfort, indifference, and ignorance.”

Through her hands-on work providing humanitarian aid to migrants and refugees, Sister Norma brings a human face to the statistics and policies that often dominate discussions about immigration. She challenges people to burst the bubble of prejudice and see the shared humanity in those who are forced to flee their homes due to violence, poverty, and persecution.

Sister Norma Pimentel’s advocacy against ignorance surrounding cruelty at the US-Mexico border resonates with the Basilian motto of “Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge.” Her commitment to alleviating suffering reflects goodness, emphasizing empathy and compassion. By challenging misconceptions and urging individuals to confront uncomfortable truths, Sister Norma embodies discipline, fostering a disciplined pursuit of justice. Furthermore, her efforts to shed light on the complexities of the border crisis showcase a depth of knowledge, inspiring informed discussions and collective responsibility. In aligning with these principles, Sister Norma embodies the Basilian ideals of goodness, discipline, and knowledge in her pursuit of a more just and compassionate world.


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