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“How do we welcome Christ into our everyday lives?” – Fr. Eduardo Rivera’s, CSB Reflection On Palm Sunday – Houston, TX.

March 24, 2024

Palm Sunday, also known as Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion, marks the start of Holy Week. As Jesus entered Jerusalem with joyful acclamations and palm branches on his path, the scene painted a vivid picture of fulfillment and anticipation. The crowd’s joy mirrored the long-held expectations of Israel for the Messiah, echoing the words of ancient prophets. The use of palm branches, a symbol of victory and peace, referenced the ancient tradition of welcoming triumphant leaders. Jesus’ choice to ride a donkey fulfilled the prophecy of Zechariah, emphasizing His role as the Prince of Peace rather than a conquering earthly king. This deliberate act underscored his mission of salvation through humility and sacrificial love, setting the tone for the transformative events of Holy Week. We have the opportunity to enter into Christ’s Passion, Death and Resurrection more deeply by participating in the Palm Sunday and Holy Triduum liturgies. At Mass on Palm Sunday, we are like the crowd holding palm branches outside, listening joyfully to the gospel reading of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem before we process into the church. Then, we enter into the Passion narrative during the gospel reading of Mass.

Palm Sunday calls us to reflect on our own response to Jesus, prompting us to ponder whether we align more with the crowd’s fleeting emotions or with a faith that endures long after the fanfare is over. How do we welcome Christ into our everyday lives? How will we welcome Jesus so that he can triumphantly reign in our hearts?


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