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Requirements for Engaging with the Congregation’s Online Communities

The purpose of any a social media page is to provide an interactive forum where readers can gather and discuss information about the wide range of issues addressed by the work and mission of the Catholic Church, specifically through the Basilian Fathers. Followers are encouraged to post questions, comments, and concerns, but should remember this is a moderated online discussion hosted by an entity of the Basilian Fathers.

The Basilian Fathers appreciate healthy, constructive debate and discussion. That means we ask that comments be kept civil in tone and reflect the charity and respect that marks Christian discourse. Comments that may be hidden, deleted, or necessitate the banning or blocking of a user include those that contain:

  • Personal attacks/inflammatory remarks against a person or group
  • Content/comments off topic
  • Spam/Promotion of services, products, political organizations/agendas
  • Links to sites that contain offensive material or attack the Church’s hierarchy and mission
  • Information that is factually incorrect
  • Vulgar language

Identifying Inappropriate Use

If you notice inappropriate or unlawful content that has been published in breach of this policy, please report your claim via email directly through our contact form, directed to ‘General Inquiry’ to the attention of Jillian Kaster Miller, communications coordinator.

Further Information

For further information about this policy, contact Jillian Kaster Miller, communications coordinator, directly through our contact form or 416-921-6674 ext. 214.