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Camp Micah Prepares Young People to be Peace and Justice Leaders

October 25, 2016

In late August, about 60 young people nurtured their call to leadership for peace and justice as they took part in Camp Micah. This year, the ecumenical camp has become inter-faith as it welcomed nine young refugees of Muslim faith.

Participants were welcomed to Algonquin Territory by Mireille Lapointe, former Chief of the Ardoch First Nations, and her daughter, Marjolaine. Later, Father Bob Holmes, CSB, as the Prophet Micah, reminded participants that “God asks only this – love tenderly, act justly and walk humbly with your God.”

Throughout the first day, youth learned that to love tenderly involves practicing to be a servant leader who listens and is inclusive through a series of initiative tasks. The next day was devoted to acting justly through participation in the “Blanket Exercise” and experientially learning of the displacement of the First Nations people. Images of God were explored on the third full day and participants were asked to trace their personal life journeys and their own experience of God.

The final day was devoted to going forward in the world. How will they express their new found fire for Peace and Justice in their families, schools and communities? At the final liturgy, the Prophet Micah (Father Bob Holmes, CSB) sent them forth with a blessing and a blue scarf. Participants are the newest members of the international Blue Scarf Movement – building a border free world without war under one blue sky.


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