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Basilian Fathers Celebrate their Bicentennial

November 21, 2022

Sketch of the 10 founders

The Basilians’ founders’ decision to formalize their commitment to Catholic education and community life was based on necessity, a response to the increasingly secularized climate of post-revolution France.

In 1822, on November 21, the Feast of the Presentation, the 10 founders came together to form an Association of Priests. The times didn’t allow for reflection on their vision for the future of this Association. Instead, they were simply acting on how they thought best to ensure their charism, their work in education and evangelization, in the small town of Annonay, France endured.

The Basilian charism has endured. For 200 years, Basilians have continued their founders’ work, each Basilian offering his gift for education and evangelization in his own distinct style. Their ability to adapt to the changing times has allowed the Congregation to flourish. The Basilians’ ministry has expanded to five countries on three continents, founding schools and staffing parishes along the way.

Today, the Basilian charism expands to all those who share in their ministry. “Our founders did not see themselves as the owners, but rather the workers in the vineyard. It compels Basilians to recognize our lay associates, staff, parishioners, students, and alumni as fellow caretakers of the Basilian charism, with the Holy Spirit as the sole proprietor,” said Father Kevin Storey, CSB, superior general of the Congregation.

The past year has been a time for Basilians to gather and thank God for the gifts He has bestowed on the community. Bicentennial celebrations culminated this weekend with gatherings taking place in local Basilian houses and special Masses held at Basilian parishes and schools. These celebrations were as diverse as the Congregation itself.

Check out photos from across the community.

St. Basil’s Church, Toronto, Ontario

  • st basils bicentennial01
  • st basils bicentennial02
  • st basils bicentennial03
  • st basils bicentennial04
  • st basils bicentennial05
  • st basils bicentennial06
  • st basils bicentennial07
  • st basils bicentennial08


La Parroquia de San Lorenzo, Tehuacán Publa, México

  • Tehuacán bicentennial01
  • Tehuacán bicentennial02
  • Tehuacán bicentennial03
  • Tehuacán bicentennial04
  • Tehuacán bicentennial05
  • Tehuacán bicentennial06
  • Tehuacán bicentennial07
  • Tehuacán bicentennial08
  • Tehuacán bicentennial09
  • Tehuacán bicentennial10
  • Tehuacán bicentennial11
  • Tehuacán bicentennial12
  • IMG_20221120_152026093_HDR
  • bicentennial mexico01
  • bicentennial mexico02
  • bicentennial mexico03
  • bicentennial mexico04
  • bicentennial mexico12
  • bicentennial mexico15
  • bicentennial mexico17
  • bicentennial mexico19

La Parroquia de Caltepec

  • Caltepec bicentennial01
  • Caltepec bicentennial02
  • Caltepec bicentennial03
  • Caltepec bicentennial04
  • Caltepec bicentennial05
  • Caltepec bicentennial06
  • Caltepec bicentennial07


Basilian Fathers at Catholic Central, Detroit, Michigan

  • cc bicentennial01
  • cc bicentennial02
  • cc bicentennial03
  • cc bicentennial04
  • cc bicentennial05
  • cc bicentennial06
  • catholic central bicentennial01
  • catholic central bicentennial02
  • catholic central bicentennial03
  • catholic central bicentennial04
  • catholic central bicentennial05
  • catholic central bicentennial06
  • catholic central bicentennial07
  • catholic central bicentennial08
  • catholic central bicentennial09
  • catholic central bicentennial10


Santuario Nuestra Senora del Rosario de las Lajas, Narino, Colombia

  • bicentennial colombia
  • bicentennial colombia2
  • bicentennial colombia3
  • bicentennial colombia4


Basilian Fathers in Edmonton, Alberta

Basilian Fathers at Dillon House, Houston, Texas


Basilian Fathers in Vancouver, British Columbia

  • IMG_0645
  • IMG_0652


Bicentennial Celebrations at the Cardinal Flahiff Basilian Centre

  • received_692508485484221
  • received_696904565188882
  • received_1246687952730840


Basilian Fathers at Presentation Manor

  • bicentennial presentation manor01
  • bicentennial presentation manor02
  • bicentennial presentation manor03
  • bicentennial presentation manor04
  • bicentennial presentation manor05
  • bicentennial presentation manor06
  • bicentennial presentation manor07
  • bicentennial presentation manor08
  • bicentennial presentation manor09
  • bicentennial presentation manor10


Assumption Parish, Windsor, Ontario

  • bicentennial assumption parish05
  • bicentennial assumption parish02
  • bicentennial assumption parish03
  • bicentennial assumption parish04
  • bicentennial assumption parish06
  • bicentennial assumption parish01


St. John Fisher College, Rochester, New York

  • bicentennial sjfc01
  • bicentennial sjfc02
  • bicentennial sjfc03
  • bicentennial sjfc04
  • bicentennial sjfc05
  • bicentennial sjfc06

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