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Basilian Brotherhood Shines Brightly at Third Annual Basil Bowl

September 16, 2016

Over the course of two very colourful and eventful days, September 8-9, 2016, the many facets of Basilian Catholic high school education shone brightly on the campus of St. Michael’s College School in Toronto, Ontario.

Meeting each other for the third consecutive year, but for the first time in Toronto, the Shamrocks of Detroit Catholic Central High School and the Kerry Blues of St. Michael’s College School came together to renew, strengthen, and celebrate their ties of friendship and bonds of brotherhood. Catholic Central flowed into the Double Blue campus like a flood of blue and white, with two busloads of enthusiastic team members and coaches, and more than twice as many cheering parents and family members. The Shamrocks and Kerry Blues joined together for the Eucharist, a spirited all-school welcome assembly, and several scrumptious meals, while exchanging gifts and enjoying a taste of all things Canada and St. Mike’s. Parents mingled for tailgates and receptions, having either successfully negotiated the subway system or triumphantly braved the tight traffic of the Toronto International Film Festival. Somewhere in the midst of all this excitement, the Shamrocks and Kerry Blues also played a football game, and CC won the honour to hoist the Basil Bowl trophy.

When all was said and done, after all had been shared and learned, and following the final handshake and embrace, Shamrocks and Kerry Blues knew that they had to part company, but they had also come to understand that this gathering was always meant to be, and that their brotherhood would continue to be the foundation of their Basilian unity, a brotherhood whose common prayer is always “Teach me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge.”


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