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“A new life” – Basilian Aid in Protection of Refugees within the Diocese of London

October 27, 2023

At the forefront of the challenges faced by those forced to seek refuge in our country, where they arrive often stripped of their possessions and the familiarity of their homeland, is the comforting embrace of mercy and charity, driven by a God’s love.

One remarkable individual leading these efforts is Susan Falodun, a Ministry Specialist at Inland Protection of Refugees within the Diocese of London (I.P.R). Her efforts are centered around legal and educational projects, helping newcomers obtain Work permits, as ensuring employment capabilities is crucial not just for their own survival.

“It’s difficult for them because they need to continuously work in this new environment and often, we’ll find out that they sustain their families from back home. They don’t have any claim on any adult subsidies, they’re just strictly dependent on the ability to work So, a work permit for them is essential. It’s a life and death situation.”

Since last year, crises around the world have led to greater influxes of refugees into Canada, complicating and delaying the legal processes that would ensure economic and residential stability of those that have arrived to seek refuge.

Inland Protection for Refugees dedicates much of its efforts on ensuring economic sustainability by helping immigrants apply for refugee status as well as assisting in legal hardships.

“We help pay the government fees, as well as handling the paperwork when it comes to filing refugee status claims. With the situation as it is now, it takes two or three times longer to obtain a refugee status, or even a work permit, leaving them unable to find a job to sustain themselves in time. They frequently do not speak the language well enough to do the paperwork themselves and cannot afford a lawyer, which is where we step in. With the help of the Basilians, we are able to come in and renew their work permit and prepare them for the job market. All completely free of charge.”

Alongside the legal help, Susan oversees other assistance such as one on one meetings, resume workshops, skills & language assessment, and providing networking opportunities. All of this comes at no cost to those enrolled in the program.

Susan has seen Basilian charity ad support at the heart of the initiative. With their assistance, I.P.R has helped over 300 refugees file their claims, get approved for refugee status, obtain their work permits, and find stable and sustaining jobs.

“I would like to thank them on behalf of the Diocese of London, because they are the backbones that assist our ability to make this project a reality. Bishop Fabbro (CSB), and the Basilian Fathers are the ones we are working for – they bring the love of Christ to these people, along with hope for a better future in our country. With their help they were given documents and jobs, they were given a new life.”


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